Dear Friends,

I have released my very first album as the lead vocal recording artists and it’s called:


30 Years/16 Scratch Vocal Demos 1985-2015” by Willy Perez-Feria


and it can be bought by clicking here:

30 Years/16 Scratch Vocal Demos 1985-2015


The album is a collection of wonderful songs that I’ve written and/or co-written over my 30 year career that, for one reason or another, I could never place with a recording artist! And yet, I love these songs! These are my children!

Please buy this album and listen to these songs and see if you agree that many of them would’ve been (and can still be!) smash radio hit songs!

I love this album and I sincerely believe that you will too!

Thank you so much for buying my album, I appreciate your support!

It can be purchased for as little as $12 but for as much as you’d care to donate!

Your generosity is much appreciated!


Below is my very first single from my debut album and the song is called:


This Sudden Happiness


It’s on iTunes here:

Download and comment on your own copy today!


For international visitors (non-United States) who can’t buy

30 Years/16 Scratch Vocal Demos 1985-2015by Willy Perez-Feria

from the Bandcamp link above, you can always buy the exact same album from iTunes here:


Thank you so much for your patronage, generosity, encouragement and support! 🙂



Willy Perez-Feria is an experienced and celebrated music producer/songwriter, specializing in all forms of English and Spanish Pop music! His company name says it all, WillyPop Music+Production. Perez-Feria is widely hailed as a successful, talented & much admired producer/songwriter who has earned a place amongst English/Spanish music’s most respected, acomplished & elite talents.

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