Fernando, Rudy & Willy


I had the distinct honor and privilege of being a co-writer along with my buddy Jon Rose and the absolutely great Rudy Perez on this song called SIN TU AMOR written for the super-talented singer Fernando Capel!!

Check out this beautiful ballad and head on over to iTunes and downloaded as soon as you can!

Amigos, tuve el gran placer y honor de co-escribir con el maestro Jon Rose y el gran maestro de los maestros Rudy Pérez está tema titulado SIN TU AMOR para mi amigo, el súper talentoso cantante Fernando Capel!!

Escuchen esta bella balada y por favor, visiten a iTunes y compren esta canción!! Gracias!! 🙂



Fernando, Jon & Willy Fernando, Rudy & Willy Rudy & Willy

  Feb 24, 2015

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