ORIANA VELAZQUEZ… Remember That Name!!

Who is she? Oriana Velazquez is a lovely 12 year old musical prodigy that I am proud to be producing! She’s my youngest artist here at WillyPop Music+Production but she’s also one of the most talented!

She is also a wonderful, natural singer with a style all her own and, in my humble opinion, a born star! Here are the FIVE latest tracks we’ve done and there’s more to come!
Do yourself a favor and listen to this amazing new South Florida talent NOW before she’s lighting up the screens on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon!

Even when I’m producing Karaoke covers, I never just do the “normal” thing here at WillyPop Music+Production! If I produce a Karaoke Cover song for you, you can bet it’s going to be different from the original in many ways and have it’s own spark, it’s own energy!

Each one of these songs is produced to exacting, radio-ready standards and each one is (by design) totally different than the originals and I love them all!! When I do Karaoke Cover Songs, I think that they need to be done right! Nobody likes a parrot but everyone loves an ARTIST!!

Check out these 5 collaborations between me and the wonderfully talented ORIANA VELAZQUEZ! Enjoy! 🙂


  Mar 05, 2015

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