Can someone explain to me this completely illogical vitriol and shake-their-heads-in-disgust disdain that certain people (you could also use the word POSER as an alternate spelling of the word PEOPLE) have towards any musician, band or recording artist making money?

The moment a recording artist releases a song to the world, it becomes easily attainable either illegally for free or practically for free on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes radio and any one of a myriad different formats in which the songwriters, the “CONTENT CREATORS” of the song cannot (due to the current state of the record business) make a single dime from it. U2 found a way to make $100,000,000 in THIS musical climate? I don’t condemn them for “selling out”, I salute them for getting paid 100 million dollars to “give away for free” an album that the majority of listeners would’ve obtained for “free” anyway.

The only “sellouts” in this entire equation are the congressmen and senators that have been aware of widespread pirating and fraud being conducted by average, every day Americans and their lack of interest in doing something about it! I wonder what would happen if the citizens of United States determined that if songwriters and content creators are going to be robbed of their profit from creating original music, then all politicians and elected officials (local, state and federal including District Attorneys and judges… Anyone who gets elected to office) who write any kind of books, be they fiction or nonfiction, hard copy or online blog, must GIVE AWAY those books for free on retail stores and online stores and not reap any of the rewards from their authorship.

Since we are, as of this moment, enforcing the DEATH OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY as the de facto law of the land, I think that those guys and their constant fund raising should be the first to join their fellow content creators in celebrating the death of authorship in America. Gee… I wonder how long that situation would last if it was money out of THEIR pocket? Yep, mere seconds. U2 is doing what U2 does, evolving, adapting, surviving and refusing to be a victim of any kind of circumstances that are beyond their control. I haven’t even heard the album but I’ve got to say… 100 million? Bravo U2! Bravo!

U2’s iTunes Deal Reportedly Cost Apple $100 Million
Get ready to hear “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)” over and over and over

Dan Reilly
September 12 2014, 1:40 PM ET
Uno, dos, tres, ka-ching!
Love it or hate it, U2’s surprise album Songs of Innocence is probably in your iTunes and it didn’t cost you a cent. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the Irish quartet is reportedly set to make bank on the LP, with Apple shelling out an estimated $100 million to hawk the record and lead single “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)” in conjunction with the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. (Perhaps they should’ve just tited it iLLUMINATI?)
That dollar figure comes from various sources, and U2 manager Guy O’Seary doesn’t dispute it in a new interview with Billboard. He points out that Songs of Innocence went out to 7 percent of Earth’s population in one fell swoop, and that Apple is giving tens of millions to AIDS charity RED, lest anyone criticize Bono and Co. for cashing in while spouting ideological goals.
Apparently, the massive release may have rankled some feathers among other retailers, who won’t see their cut of the sales until October 13, when Songs of Innocence gets its wide distribution. According to O’Seary, the for-sale edition will include new songs, plus up to seven acoustic versions of the album’s tracks, that will be exclusive to everyone but Apple for five weeks.
If you’re not about the business and just want to talk about the music, man, U2 uploaded a short video from the Songs of Innocence recording sessions to Twitter, exclusively (what’s with these guys and Internet exclusives?). It’s got everything you’d want in a behind-the-scenes U2 clip: Imagination, artistic inspiration, Bono wearing sunglasses indoors, and so on.

‘Get on the guitar, grab the microphone…’ A studio, exclusive with recording the

“All I want is you (to give me millions of dollars)” PHOTO BY JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES

  Sep 13, 2014