This is MUSIC! Do you REMEMBER how awesome music used to be just a few years ago?

The radio was filled with beautiful, timeless melodies and wonderful artists interpreting them! Today there are still some great, great songs but sadly, they seem to show up less and less! Of all of the GREATEST spanish language love songs ever written, DESPUES DE TI… QUE? has to be considered to be in the top 10 all time! This song, this artist, is reminiscent of the true GREATNESS that existed in what I call THE GOLDEN AGE OF MELODY & LYRICS ON SPANISH RADIO a few years ago. Before the reggaeton craze, before bachata became the new hot thing, there were wonderful love songs filled with soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics filling up our radio airways and filling up our lives with context and meaning. The “beat” was not the thing. The HEART, the SOUL was! It was REAL music. It spoke of love, loss, despair and hope. We laughed with it, we cried with it and it was ours, all ours. DESPUES DE TI…QUE? represents all that for me. Yes, it is a BEAUTIFUL homage to the devastating loss of a loved one, but now, some 20+ years after it’s release, it is also an homage to a lost time, to a GOLDEN AGE of music CHAMPIONED by the GREATEST MUSIC PRODUCER/COMPOSER in pop music history, Rudy Perez!! Rudy dominated the charts at a time where melody and lyrics were still the most important thing a song could have, and passion? Passion was KING! I long for those days to return sometimes! Songs like these stir that yearning inside me! I love this song, this VERSION of this song and this INCREDIBLE artist for many, many reasons! This video was MADE for someone like me, a musician completely FASCINATED to see JUST how Rudy Perez crafts the PERFECT piano accompaniment to one of the greatest love songs ever written! But I think the BIGGEST reason I love this song, video and artist so much is because I don’t have to struggle to find what I like in this song. This song is MY music. It’s OUR music. From OUR golden age of radio. It belongs to all of us and, it’s important that we all own it, share it and keep what WE feel is great music alive. Because music is evolving constantly and that’s exciting and troubling all at once but greatness…. Greatness is the rarest of things. It almost NEVER happens and yet, greatness is exactly what Rudy Perez’s DESPUES DE TI…QUE? achieved! It’s OUR musical Mona Lisa, it’s OUR Sistine Chapel! It’s OUR masterpiece…. Let’s display it to the world so that they can remember what real artistry sounds like. Not to disrespect the new, but instead to pay homage (as Rudy does in his gorgeous song) to something precious, something irreplaceable something cherished and so sadly… Something lost. This is OUR music. Let’s EMBRACE it and CELEBRATE it so that it continues to live forever in our hearts and in the hearts of future generations. Because my friends, if Rudy had written the song mourning the loss of that golden age of spanish radio that we all remember and love so much, where so many great songs and singers reigned, if the topic of the song was that magical time in all of our lives then the song would’ve STILL said “DESPUES DE TI….QUE?” Keep Greatness Alive! Thank you and God Bless Us

All!!! – WPF

  May 20, 2014