Thanks to what I’m SURE is Divine Providence, I’ve been honored with an opportunity that allows me to give back and say thank you to the very people that gave me my start in this music business long ago!

Allow me to explain:

My dear friend, superstar music producer/composer and president of the Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame Rudy Perez has invited me to be the director of the background vocals (and also sing with them!) for the most prestigious and important award show of the year, the Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame “LA MUSA” Awards!

Wow! What an honor!!

The “LA MUSA” Awards is an induction into the Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame and, since the Hall won’t even CONSIDER a songwriter for induction until at least 20 years have passed from his/her first big composition, this award is a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for the very best of the best Spanish Language Composers in the world! I mean… It’s THE HALL OF FAME!! It’s the dream of every Latin composer in the world to one day be inducted into The Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame! And I get to be there!

Rudy has asked me to join his all-star band on a night where the Hall is inducting the great Omar Alfanno, the great Rafael Perez Botija, the marvelous Lolita De La Colina and my dear friend and the person who (along with her husband Emilio) gave me my start in this business, the incomparable Gloria Estefan!

Yes! I get to be on stage and honor all of those wonderful writers, but also my old bosses Gloria and Emilio Estefan who have always been simply  WONDERFUL to me and my family! It is a great privilege for me to come full circle and sing the very same songs in tribute that I performed as a background vocalist for Gloria on 3 separate world tours and tons of tv appearances! I’m so happy about that, man… You guys have no idea! It’s going to be like going home again!

Gloria and Emilio gave me my start and were wonderful to me and I am humbly grateful that me, one of the old “Estefan Guys” gets to be on stage and celebrate with Emilio and Gloria her amazing achievement of being inducted onto The Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame!

And my God, what an HONOR to be asked to join the all-star, first call band! I mean, LOOK at this band!! It’s quite literally the BEST musicians in South Florida! And thanks to Rudy Perez and Betsy Perez and the insanely talented and successful CEO of the LSHOF Mr. Desmond Child, I get to join what is undoubtedly the finest collection of musicians for a live show I’ve ever seen!

Jon Rose (Musical Director)
Julio Hernandez
Orlando Hernandez
Doug Emery
Pete Wallace
Dan Warner
Rene Toledo
Eduardo Rodriguez
Doug Michels
Teddy Mulet
John Kricker
Ed Calle
Leesa Richards
Yisel Duque
Jonathan Fuzessy
Rachel Perry Taylor
Willy Perez-Feria

Like I said, I’m actually having trouble believing that my name is on THAT list!

That’s how much I honor and respect the musicians listed above! These are the best of the best!

I am honored and blessed almost to complete silence. It is simply so perfect, so perfect.

Emilio signed me in 1989 (thanks to my buddy Jon Secada’s glowing recommendation of me and my work) by shaking my hand!

That was it!

Our first contract was a handshake! Lol!

And I was a songwriter/producer for Estefan Enterprises for 15 wonderful years! I also sang background vocals for Gloria Estefan and Jon Secada world tours (amongst many others) and Emilio would always recommend me and some other of his “Estefan Guys” for the very best gigs all around the world.

It was a wonderful experience and I will always be forever grateful to Emilio and Gloria for seeing something in me and giving me an opportunity to join Emilio’s “Latin Motown” of some of the finest producers and songwriters in the world. I was as honored then as I am now!

My professional music career began with Emilio’s handshake back in 1989, and I can’t wait to shake Gloria and Emilio’s hands on October 18th, 2014 and to say “Congratulations Gloria! You’re in the Hall Of Fame!!”

Everything at that moment will come full circle, almost magically! I also can’t wait to say thank you to Gloria for always believing in me and being so very, very kind. It’s going to be an emotional evening for me!

Like I said, I am honored and blessed almost to complete silence.

Thank you to my buddy and my mentor Rudy Perez for bestowing upon me, for entrusting me with this amazing opportunity to not only share the stage with the best of the best musicians and composers in the world, but to also say to my friend Emilio Estefan, “Thanks, Boss!” just one more time!

I look forward to posting photos from the event soon but for now, I’m simply going to count my lucky stars and start preparing to sing those amazing songs once again!

God is good all of the time and all of the time… God is good!

  Oct 01, 2014