Willy Perez-Feria, the great Gloria Estefan and Rachel Perry Taylor at The Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame 2015 LA MUSA Awards, October 17, 2014.


Dear Friends,

I was so honored to be asked by my dear friend Rudy Perez to participate in whatever small way with the LSHOF La Musa Awards this year!!! Wow, what an honor!!

Here are photos from the rehearsals and the actual show of The Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame 2014 LA MUSA AWARDS Show from Miami Beach, Florida.

Every once in a while you get to participate in something so cool, so wonderful you kind of have to pinch yourself that you’re actually there!

That’s what it felt like for me to be amongst the greatest talents in Latin Music for a star-studded event filled with the greatest singers, composers, music and publishing executives and tv personalities in the world!

I was thrilled to be there, happy to perform amongst the all star musicians that were performing with me and generally delighted to either see old friends or make new ones amongst the many wonderful recording artists that attended!

Check out these wonderful pictures from the rehearsals and event October 17, 2014! Enjoy!




Rachel, Marlow and Willy

Rudy & BG's

Willy, Yisel & Leesa

Jon Rose & Willy

Rudy, Willy & Jon

Willy & Rachel

LSHOF BG Singers

Willy, Gloria & Rachel

Willy, Rachel & Rudy

Omar & Willy

Jon, Willy & Gabriel



  Oct 17, 2014

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