WillyPop English Demos

Thank you for listening! None of the songs collected here are finished products, all of them are scratch ideas of songs I’ve collected over my 30 year career. Some have elaborate accompaniment but most are simple guitar and voice or piano and voice demos, designed to capture the gist of the idea. If you hear something you’d like to develop further with me, just let me know!


Digital song copying/downloading from this page is illegal and prohibited by law. All Songs are the exclusive property of Willy Perez-Feria and his publishing representatives.  All songs were written or co-written by Willy Perez-Feria. ©1987-2014 FIPP and/or UMPG and/or WillyPop Music, Inc. Copyright violations of any kind will be enforced vigorously to the full letter of the law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.