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Ok, established and independent recording artists, listen up!

There have never been MORE successful artists not affiliated with a record label on the charts then there are NOW!!

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, believe in yourself and work with the best then you too can do it too!

All you need is someone that knows the way….

We are WillyPop Music+Production.

We are a group of music producers, writers, arrangers and musicians dedicated to providing the very best record production for major label and independent acts in the world.

The music business has changed.

The labels don’t DEVELOP talent, they scour the earth for talent that is READY for them to present to the world. They’re no longer have the resources to invest in an artist so they look everywhere for artists who have invested in THEMSELVES and created a FINISHED WORK that is ready for worldwide distribution.

The old way of doing business is gone forever. No one is getting “discovered” and given a “free ride to stardom” any more. So you have to discover… YOURSELF!!

And artists are doing EXACTLY that all over the world! Yes, you’ll need resources (time, money) and you’ll assume all of the risks the labels used to assume, but in the end you’ll also reap the rewards without having to sell your soul to a major label!

Artists are assuming all of the initial risk themselves and investing their own money into the creation of EP’s (4-8 songs) and LP’s (8-16 songs) of original material.

Without original material, there is NO WAY to break into the music business as a legitimate artist. Karaoke gets you hired as a singer, be it for weddings or on a cruise ship, but if you aspire to be an ARTIST then you’re going to need ORIGINAL, RADIO READY SONGS with a distinct sound and style reflective of your artistic persona.

This is the new normal. Artists all over the world are making their OWN dreams come true. They are investing their own funds and hiring the exact same producers the labels were hiring 10 years ago and then, if the product is successful, the artists are KEEPING ALL OF THE PROFITS THEMSELVES.

The labels are now the MIDDLE MEN no one needs. Check out the charts, you find more and more independents like Macklemore and Jason Mraz reaping the rewards of having invested in themselves. Even Jay Z distributes his own music through TuneCore!

However, so many talented hopefuls spend a little cash on substandard demos and hope to be discovered on the “promise” of how much better they would be with better production.

Here’s the facts: There is NO entity, no label ready to hear an amateurish demo and invest serious dollars based on the POTENTIAL they hear there. That way of doing business no longer exists.

In fact, there are no such things as “DEMOS” any more. Demos were something labels used years ago to decide if they should move forward with a project or a song or sign an act by getting “an idea” of what a certain song and band would sound like.

However, in the 21st century, distribution of music is a click of the mouse away, you don’t need a label to place your song on iTunes, etc. Whatever you record, no matter the quality, can be distributed for sale by you personally from your computer in about 15 minutes!

So the labels aren’t looking for acts to develop based on their karaoke albums, they are looking for someone that already picked the right producer, the right songs, has a finished product that’s ready for radio and is willing to give up part of the pie for promotional and physical distributional considerations (Best Buy, Target), not to mention help with booking live shows through legitimate agents and concert venues (Ticket Master, Live Nation) and a real push for radio airplay (Clear Channel).

And so the ONLY way to pursue your dream of being a recording artist these days is to find the money necessary to INVEST IN THE CREATION OF AN ORIGINAL PRODUCT WHICH YOU COMPLETELY OWN.

There IS no other way.

So, you’ve got to invest serious money to get that SOUND.

You know the sound I’m talking about…


That “sound” that HITS have where the moment you hear it you just KNOW it’s going to play on the radio forever. That quality of composition, production and design that makes you want to listen to the song over and over again.

We are WillyPop Music+Production and our JOB is to MAKE that SOUND.

To create RADIO READY hit music for our clients. Nope, it’s not cheap, not compared to the $1,000 per demo market that aspiring artists are seduced by. Let me ask you, when was the last time you heard an interview with a successful artist where they tell you that their first big hit was made by a schlocky producer for about $1,000?

Yep, never. That’s because those people that spend that kind of money on assembly line song production never make it big enough to grant interviews. All they do is WASTE their valuable money.

At WillyPop Music+ Production, quality is our NUMBER ONE priority.

We don’t make DEMOS. Those things don’t exist any more.


We give it that SOUND and we make it RADIO READY and we give you the very BEST chance to be successful in this business.

No one can PROMISE a hit, but I GUARANTEE you that WE will all SWEAR it’s a hit! After that, it’s all fate!

If you are sincerely READY to get serious about your career then hire a serious producer. It’s really that simple.

My name is Willy Perez-Feria and my company is called WillyPop Music+Production.

And I can help you be the artist you have always wanted to be.

Contact me at willy@willypop.com or call (305) 984-9798 and let’s discuss how we can TRANSFORM you from just another hopeful to the NEXT BIG THING.

The only thing left to do now is to have the courage to write that email, make that call, commit the resources and GO FOR IT.

Ask yourself…. Are you SERIOUS about your career?

Then do what SERIOUS people do.